Comprehensive CNC machining services

Amro-Met is a manufacturing and service company specialized in machining on high efficiency CNC machine tools and construction welding in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2 CL1 and EN ISO 3834-2 standards, with an option of assembling complete sub-assemblies and devices.

Our services

What do we do in Amro-Met?

We present a wide range of services related to machining on milling and turning centers, welding in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2, painting of made elements and subassemblies.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machining is characterized by very high accuracy and efficiency. Our offer includes: milling, cutting, turning and bending.

Spray painting

Spray painting is very useful when, painting wooden, plastic or small metal parts. This type of painting is very precise. The paint used in our company adheres easily to many surfaces.

MIG/MAG welding

MAG welding is used for connecting high-alloyed, low-alloyed and unalloyed structural steel. For copper, aluminum, magnesium and other alloys we use MIG welding.

Production of machine parts

We specialize in machine parts production based on EN ISO 3834-2 and DIN EN 15085-2 CL1 standards. Our company also provides assembly of machines from produced parts into ready-to-use components.

Thermal drilling

Thermal drilling allows creating holes in metal elements based on the friction force. This method is really cheap and fast. Price for creating single hole is also relatively low.

Thread forming

Our company provides highest quality thread forming services, which ensures very high thread durability.

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